Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garlic is Good For Your Health

One of my favorite neighborhood haunts is a small unassuming bistro on West Broadway and Duane called Edward's. In the summer, tables line the sidewalk with weekend brunch goers. In the fall/winter, diners linger indoors with glasses of wine and the Sunday New York Times. Me, I love it for its friendly service and the fact that there is always a seat available at the bar (great for dining alone). I also love it for the reliable grub, a menu mixed with french bistro staples like moules frites, french onion soup and all american cheeseburgers. But most of all, I love it for something that I can eat morning, noon and night: the frisee salad with lardon, blue cheese, mustard vinaigrette and poached egg. The best part of the dish: the generous portions of roasted garlic, clove after clove of creamy goodness that you can spread on the french bread croutons that come with the salad. I wouldn't call the food at Edward's earth shattering but it's nice to have a place where everybody knows your name. And nobody minds when you have severe garlic breath.

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