Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lunch at The Fish Farm

Down the back roads of Amagansett (Cranberry Hole Road) on the way out towards Montauk sits a strange little "restaurant" called The Fish Farm at Multi Aquaculture Systems Inc (yes, this is the real name of the place). Well, it's not really just a restaurant. It's a dog pound, lobster processing factory, geese park, abandoned dock, food shop, seafood shack and working fish farm all wrapped in one. Rusted barns serve as your backdrop as you walk down a dirt path towards napeague bay. The food is ordered from a small shack across from a dozen gigantic barrels that make up the fish farm itself.

The standard menu is typical Hamptons (steamers, lobster roll and fish and chips or grilled local fish) with a french flair (grilled tuna nicoise, pissaladiere), courtesy of the chef-shop owner's own heritage. Everything is prepared with simple basic but fresh ingredients. BOYB, sit and eat around sunset and you'll soon be charmed by this off the beaten path gem and it's bizarre but unique surroundings. Make sure you don't piss off the geese though.

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