Monday, August 3, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

So I've been obsessed with ice cream lately, thanks to the new ice cream maker I got for my 10 year anniversary slaving away in Corporate America. I started with your basic vanilla but then moved on to "level 2" flavors like fresh strawberries and cream and dark chocolate. My latest concoctions included Bourbon Vanilla Peaches and Cream and Triple Cream Berry. So it's no wonder that I ventured out on the town this weekend in search of new inspiration. I found it in two of the top temples of America's favorite frozen dessert: Van Leeuwen ice cream truck and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

Van Leeuwen is an elusive truck that normally hides somewhere on the streets of Soho. You can wing it or follow them on twitter to see daily location updates. For those less adventurous, they also sell basic flavor pints in Whole Foods. Anyway I stumbled upon them accidentally in the Highline area one afternoon and didn't think twice about getting on the long line to get a taste of the popular currants and cream and giandujia flavors. Alas, no luck for me as both were sold out so I went for basic vanilla and strawberry. Verdict: good but not worth the $6 for 2 small scoops. For that price I better be having Madagascar vanilla hand picked and shipped to NY on Paul Allen's yacht.

Only at a place like Chinatown Ice Cream Factory will flavors like black sesame and durian be listed under regular flavors and mint chip and coffee be listed under exotic flavors. I went in search of one of their newest flavors: cupcake. Rich vanilla ice cream with big chunks of yellow cake cupcake and bits of rainbow colored sprinkles. And half the price of Van Leeuwen for twice the scoop size. In this new recession driven economy, what's not to love?

With all these new ideas I am now ready to invent some new recipes of my own. Bacon Maple Pancake Swirl, anyone?

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  1. Aside from all the great stuff in here - and delivered so nicely - I'm bemused by the ice cream maker for 10 years. Seriously? Of course you are. It's time to make lemonade iced cream, then. And, as ever, write on. The page looks terrific, Cecilia.