Saturday, January 24, 2009

When Hunger Strikes And All You Want Is A Hot Dog

Skip the multitude of Gray's Papayas around the city and head to Crif Dogs. This is the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) hot dog joint in the East Village that attracts a mass of fans because of several reasons: a) they cook their dogs by deep drying them (yes, unbreaded, deep fried) b) they decorated their small space with retro video games like Galaga and Centipeded and c) they opened a basement speakeasy called PDT (Please Don't Tell) and made it harder for people to get into than for Saddam Hussein to get into heaven. But the bar and video games are beside the point. Let's talk about the hot dogs. They have a large, creative menu including things like BLT Dog (wrapped tightly in bacon), Philly Cheesesteak Dog and a Mexican style dog again with bacon, avocado and salsa. And even more creative are collaborations with top chefs in the neighborhood who are fans: last year saw the Chang Dog and the Wylie Dog, both of which are genius creations. Plus, they stay open till 4AM which makes it perfect late night munchies spot post bar hopping. But go during weekend lunch hours or weeknight dinners and you'll get the same great food minus the drunken youngsters who are clamoring for a dog or trying to password and bribe their way into the cocktail den below.

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  1. i miss this place! i miss PDT! i miss things wrapped in bacon! good post!!