Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gastropubbin' and Man-Whorin: Wilfie & Nell

Gastropubs have been a bit of the rage lately in NYC and a friend and I recently visited a brand new one called Wilfie & Nell in the West Village, on West 4th near Seventh Avenue. It's close to some of the more touristy places on Seventh but we were pleasantly surprised by how rustic it felt inside. Wood everywhere, industrial lamps emitting soft yellow lighting giving it a warm glow. The bartenders were well versed in traditional cocktails. I had two excellent brown liquor based drinks: an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan. A good selection of beers were on tap and the bar had a small but solid wine list (my friend GF gave the Cotes du Rhone a thumbs up despite the oh-so hip stemless glass). On the Saturday we went, despite temperatures in the low teens, a mini line had formed outside the bar by around 10PM. Thankfully it was not because of door drama, simply because the place was packed to the hilt with a mix of good looking, friendly 30-somethings, NYU grad students, Brooklyn B&T. I would recommend this place for a laid back gathering of good friends, but next time we're going on a weeknight and we're going to sample the supposedly top notch grub. Shepherd's pie, scotch eggs and vinegar fries here I come!

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