Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Best Noodle Soups in NYC

After the outpouring of fan mail and reaction from my Best Dumpling of NYC post (yes a grand total of 1 comment), I decided to start another one of these and make it a "series" so that I can rationalize my eating marathon through the Big Apple. I guess bulking up for the winter could have been a good enough excuse/reason on its own but it just sounds plain pathetic. Anywaym this time, the focus is on Chinese noodle or wonton soups. Japanese ramen seems to be all the rage in NYC these days but Chinese noodle soups are different: the focus is less on the broth and more on the noodles and the protein of choice that goes into it. These soups are also not as aesthetically pleasing as top notch ramen is...the Japanese have always been known to package things very nicely. But the best ones are unbelievably tasty and delicate, not to mention comforting in frigid winters like this one so far. Take a look at my soon to grow list and see if you have additional ones to add to it!

Food Sing 88
2 East Broadway (near Bowery)

This place specializes in "hand pulled" Lan Chao style noodles which are thinner and chewier than ramen. There was a variety of proteins to go with the noodles, including roast duck
(my favorite), beef tendons, short ribs, pork chop, beef tribe. You name it, they have it. They also had decent pan friend dumplings but it's not as good as the places featured in my Best Dumplings in NYC post. Oh and try someone on the menu called Special Eight Noodles or Ja Jiang Mein. It's a Chinese style bolognese made with mince pork belly. This places makes it well but my mom's is the best one still!

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