Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Best Dumplings in NYC

In 2009, I have made it a goal of mine to find the best dumplings in NYC. I am not talking about "haute" dumplings at the likes of Momofuku or Chinatown Brasserie. I am talking about authentic, hand made gems at hole in the wall establishments. I am starting a ranked list below and will add to it throughout the year. Enjoy!

1. Prosperity Dumpling @ 46 Eldridge
$1 for 5 pan fried chive & pork dumplings
$8 for a bag of 50 frozen ones to take home
Juiciest filling, thinnest wrapper. 9 out of 10!

2. Vanessa's Dumpling House @ 118 Eldridge
$1 for 4 pan fried chive & pork dumplings
$1 for 4 pan fried cabbage & pork dumplings
$9 for 50 frozen dumplings to take home
Wrapper is thicker but the cabbage & pork dumplings are very tasty. Also has a large menu of other things like bubble tea and sesame pancakes with various fillings. A much larger space than Prosperity, with seating that you can wait for.

3. Fried Dumpling @ 99 Allen
$1 for 5 pan fried pork & chive dumplings
$1 for 4 pan fried pork buns (yum)
Good filling but smaller than the others.


  1. Ok, this is one of the best ideas ever. Wish I were in NYC to help with the polling! Will scout some dumpling purveyors in London for your visit!

  2. My husband and I recently visited Excellent Dumpling House (111 Lafayette) and ordered the most flavorful steamed veggie dumplings we've ever had. The chicken were equally yummy. Try 'em and see how they measure!

  3. I totally agree with you on Prosperity!

    Have you tried the fried dumplings at Lan Zhou? They don't fall into the $1 category, but I've heard great things. Still working on confirming the rumors...

  4. There will be a dumpling crawl this saturday 7/11 in chinatown. We will be visiting many of the top spots listed on this page........if you are interested check out our facebook page below

    Joel- Event Organizer

  5. Prosperity are the best! Here are my notes from the Spring ( I started a similar project)

    North Dumpling, 27A Essex
    Dry, golden brown consistent shell, gingery taste, bland but not oily, nice plate for eat in, service with a smile, sauces medium watery, air conditioned. Trip 2: found string and little fishes in chive pancake. However tasty and $0.50 each.

    Hua/Sua Du Dumpling Shop 7 Allen st
    Out of dumps at 2:13

    Prosperity Dumpling 46 Eldridge
    Not crispy but cooked and excellet flavor, delicious chivey flavor - greasy, very liquid filled, caused casualty

    Good Dumpling House Inc, 214 Grand
    Flavor: strong pork and chive, best alone - sauce packets bad, delicious without sauce, prettiest, 4:$1, juicy, thin flexible shells like Japanese style, not crispy not golden brown

    Tasty Dumpling 54 Mulberry
    Bland, not over juicy, fairly crispy, thick shells, 5:$1.25, very watered down sauces, terribly dissapointing

    Fried Dunmpling 106 Mosco
    Underfilled, bland, flat, bad, angry service - all around bad experience, "they wêrè dümplïngs"

  6. Does anyone know of a dumpling place that is downtown(not in chinatown)? I went to one in possibly 2006 or 2007 and can't remember the name. It had a very clean feel to it and mostly severed nothing but dumplings(no noodles ect.)It was a very small place that was basically a hole in the wall.