Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2008: A Year in Review Part 1

With December comes a strange fascination that our society has with rank ordering stuff into "tops" and "mosts" of the year. Time Magazine's Person of the Year (yup, it's going to be Obama this year). Blackwell's Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Year (so OK he's dead but whoever is taking over, I think Rachel Zoe deserves to be on that list). The Vatican's Top Ten Hottest Priests of Rome (ummm, I am not joking on this one...have a calendar to prove it).

So what were my own "tops" and "mosts" of 2008? I think it's going to take the whole month of December to list them out but here's where I will start. Travel was a key theme for me this year so many of my picks reflect that. Feel free to share your own if you h

I can't even describe how amazing this meal was. The restaurant is perched on top of a hill overlooking the brilliant ocean views of San Sebastian, a beach resort town on the northwest cost of Spain (a real foodie heaven...Arzak is here as well but we could not get a reservation). Each of the courses was an experience in itself, before you even take a bite of it anything on the plate. It was better than...no, not sex, but better than most other things in life. Seriously.

Most Addictive Time Suck of the Year: Facebook
'Nuff said.

The Hardest and Longest I've Laughed in Nearly a Decade and We're Talking Bent Over Belly Aching Laughed: Cape Cod Labor Day Weekend

Going to Cape Cod (or as we called it, Cape Code) with 3 of my best gay boyfriends turned out not just to be a genius idea, but THE genius idea. We stayed at one of the guy's family home in Chatham and proceeded to stock the fridge with all sorts of booze (see left). The Three Stooges (L, M and M) showed me P-town in all its glory, pantomimed and karaoked their unique club version of Be Without You by Mary J. Blige ("And I can't sleep without you baby..."), tried their best to be my wingmen at The Chatham Squire (but failed miserably as they were gawking at guys for themselves) and got me front row tickets to the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway show where the Fishbag was debuted in the Chatham Resort Collection (see right). I laughed till I cried pretty much from morning till...well, next morning (we stayed up late) and I think extended my life by at least 5 years. So thanks boys. XOXO.

OK, enough for one day. Stay tuned...

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