Saturday, December 13, 2008

When Hunger Strikes But You're Hung Over and Cannot Get Up Off the Couch...

I was supposed to meet my friend LL today for brunch at Cookshop.  Cookshop, one of the best restaurants in NYC serving a variety of fresh, locavore dishes like grass-fed beef brisket, white cheddar grits, caramelized cauliflower fritata.  Delicious.  But I didn't make it.  Why?  Because I was hung over and could not get out of bed.  So instead of catching up with a good friend who I have not seen in a while and enjoying an award winning brunch, I logged onto Seamless Web and got french fries and caesar salad delivered from a diner in the neighborhood.  French fries and caesar salad don't even go together.  While Seamless Web is a god send for New Yorkers who have small kitchens and no time to cook and for irresponsible (and hungry) people like me who drink too much on a Friday night and miss brunch with a friend, I have nothing to say to myself but this: PATHETIC.  


  1. its cool.
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  2. i wish they had seamlessweb here!