Sunday, December 21, 2008

When Hunger Strikes and You're Craving The Suckling Pig You Had in Tuscany...

When I was in Italy this fall, I had a life changing plate of suckling pig at a restaurant in Pienza. The skin was amazingly crispy, the meat was so tender it melted off the bone. I have not found anything like that here in NYC yet, but the pig at Porchetta came pretty close. The tiny sliver of a restaurant is on East 7th between Avenue A and 1st Avenue, north side of the street. There are only 7 things on the menu (and 6's mostly a take out place) and the name sake porchetta dish comes in a platter (veggies and no bread) or a sandwich. Biting into the sandwich, the skin is perfectly crispy and tender roasted hog meat melted in my mouth (OK this is not a porn blog so stop thinking dirty thoughts). At $9 a pop it's a great deal. I only wish they had given me more of the crispy skin! And by the way, the Porchetta sandwich ranked #1 on Time Out NY's 100 Best Foods of 2008!

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