Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ramen Noodles for the Soul

A great way to warm up during the cold winter nights (besides cuddling up to your significant other) is to get some steamin' hot ramen noodles in ya. One of the best places I tried recently is none other than Ippudo which is a ramen noodle chain from Japan. "A chain", you say? "No way am I Mr./Mrs. Foodie NYC going to some CHAIN." Ahhh, well, unlike say Applebees or Chili's, this is a chain that actually cooks the food instead of microwave it. The ramen was perfectly cooked and the 3 different broths I tried each had a unique taste, with the Akamaru "Modern" being the best. It's the traditional Shiromaru "Classic" ramen dressed up with fatty melts in your mouth pork belly and the super secret special sauce. But really you can't go wrong with either one and if you like things a bit saltier, try the "spicy" ramen. It's noodles floating in a red red broth and just hot enough to give it a kick.

Oh, and while the ramen noodles are the star, don't be stingy with the appetizers...the deep fried tofu and crispy chicken wings were both superb. Why, after a meal like this, you'll never want winter to end!

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