Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Party Fashion: Cocktail Attire

It's holiday party season in NYC and despite the fact that we are in a recession, a girl can never have too many cocktail dresses.  Short dresses, long gowns.  Hot numbers from top designers like Jill Stuart, Herve Leger or Diane Von Furstenburg.  Cool, hip and wallet friendly numbers from Forever 21, Topshop or H&M.  This year, the look for guys young and old is what I call The Chuck Bass.  Bow ties in colors other than black, plaid man scarves over the tux.  And if you can get a fop-ish hipster hairdo, sport a moody scowling look on your face and speak in a breathless tone with a faux prep school UES accent, you're all set.  No tie is a close second and the darling of past seasons, the skinny black tie rocker look was no where to be found.   For women, the short cocktail dress is still the way to go and the shinier the material the better.  Sequins used to be more of an old woman look frankly but this year, the number of shiny mini dresses on 21 year olds was eye opening.  I like shiny as much as the next fashionista but this year for me, it's all about ruffles.  Ruffle-y shoes, dresses, tops, bags.  And stilettos.  The funkier the color, the better.  The higher the heels, the sexier.  Dressing up is such fun!  

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