Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Coolest Little Bar in Tribeca

My favorite watering hole in Tribeca (my 'hood) is Smith and Mills at 71 North Moore (between Hudson and Greenwich). It's a smaller and I think hipper version of the Employees Only genre. So hip in fact it's a bit hard to find...look for an unmarked non-descript looking wooden carriage house door that is on the north side of the block and closer to Greenwich. The bartenders there are very nice by NYC standards and they look like 40's gangsters/emo rock band lead singers (one of them is quite cute and looks like the lead singer of Panic at the Disco). It's primarily a bar but they do have a small menu of decent grub like Fennel Mac and Cheese and Trout Salad. Their cocktail menu is pretty ecclectic too and includes new-fangled versions of old school cocktails plus a small but solid selection of wine and beer. My favorites are the Old Fashioned and a classic gin (Hendricks of course) martini that will blow Bond away. The atmosphere is pretty laid back for a hipstaurant and it's never really annoyingly packed. The clientele is what I call Hipbecasters ("hipsters below canal")...primarily Tribeca loft-owners who used to have a high coolness quotient but then they turned 30-something, got married and started working in the financial industry. My only complaint about the place is it's cash only...

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