Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2008: A Year in Review Part 2

OK, more "best of"s and "most"s for the year...this time focusing a bit more on TV and entertainment:

Best South Park episode: "About Last Night"

Those of you who know me know I LOVE South Park. This episode aired the night after the election and pondered this question: what if the whole election was just a scam? And that instead of fighting to be the leader of the free world, Obama and McCain were just 2 diamond thieves who ran for President in order to steal the world's biggest diamond from the Natural History Museum? Makes you wonder, right?

Guilty Pleasure of the Year: Gossip Girl on the CW

I am addicted and I know you are too. You just have to admit it, come to terms with it, embrace it. Is it so wrong that I want to be a rich New York City high school teenager who wears the best clothes, go to the best parties and sleep with the hottest guys (who are also rich high school teenagers)? OK maybe that last bit makes me a "cougar". But is it so wrong that I want my own Chuck Bass? And my prom dress to be designed by Jenny Humphrey? And my ex-boyfriend to be a sensitive, smart "poor" chap who lives in an amazing loft in Brooklyn and whose father was the John Mayer of his time (how cool)? If this isn't the ultimate escape from life as a single 30-something gal in Manhattan, I don't know what is (besides drugs and alcohol and the Hamptons of course). Oh, and check out the hilarious Gossip Girl Finger Puppet Parodies...they are genius.

Worst Case of Hair Envy: Me Coveting Blake Lively's Hairdo

It's not the blonde thing I covet. It's the long, waviness that just looks so natural. I even bought hair "tools" to try to make my very straight long hair look like this. Hair tools! We're talking curling iron, hot rollers, hairspray, the works. This is me, the girl who used to only shampoo her hair, and with hand soap no less. Now I have more hair products than Frederic Fekkai's flag ship salon on Fifth Avenue. Minus Frederic Fekkai's hair styling talent of course. It's so frustrating I actually considered getting a perm. Yes, this is how obsessed I am.

Oh and this hair looks a bit like Brad Pitt as Achilles in the movie Troy. I loved him in that movie.

Worst Case of Dance Envy: Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

This is a very recent phenomenon. I love Beyonce already and this video is just brilliant. Nothing but Beyonce and two Beyonce look a likes doing an awesome Fosse-esque dance routine. In black and white. Like a modern day Supremes. She looks amazing and the song is very fun ("if you like it then you should have put a ring on it..."). I myself and a multitude of others who have zero dance background (and below zero natural dance talent) are trying to learn the whole routine. I think I am getting about half a frame/half a move a day. At this rate, I should be able to master it in time to audition for the "So You Think You Can Dance" 2009 season. Don't hold your breath.

Hottest Detective on the CSI/Law and Order Series: Eddie Cahill (Don Flack) on CSI: NY

This changes with each new spin off. I thought Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown) was pretty hot from the regular CSI and then his character got killed this year. Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) on CSI: Miami was another candidate. The Law and Order series had Chris Noth there for a while and Jesse L. Martin (Ed Green) who left last year. The new ADA Michael Cutter played by British actor Linus Roache is pretty cute I think in a very waspy conservative kind of way. But nobody comes CLOSE to my man Eddie. Just look at him. Need I say more? Watch CSI: NY...he has a love interest this year and it's all rather exciting!

OK, enough for now. I know you guys must think I have no life, drooling after fictional TV characters. Wait till you see what I have on the list for Part 3! Till next time...

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